The Special Population Information Register (SPIN Registry)

SPIN Registry is a nationwide initiative that provides a web-based application for managing functional and special needs populations. SPIN gives local emergency managers, home health care providers, hospices and other organizations a centralized solution for keeping up-to-date information on their special-needs populations.

Management of special needs programs can be time consuming and complex. From the time persons with special needs are identified and registered, to providing emergency assistance through discharge and during disasters, dedicated government and social service agencies struggle to meet this need.

The SPIN Registry is designed to provide an online tool for special needs program administrators to better manage these tasks.

Benefits to Local, Regional and State Agencies

  • The ability to enter registrant data into a single comprehensive, uniform database.
  • For multi-jurisdictional organizations, the ability to use one application service-area wide.
  • Triage of registrants based on your jurisdiction's criteria for special needs.
  • Maintenance and updates of registrant data to ensure accuracy.
  • Recurrent electronic alerts to conduct record maintenance and/or archiving.
  • A powerful database-reporting tool allowing extensive special needs population queries.
  • Assignment of transportation and shelter resource for each registrant.
  • Detailed capture of registrant's personal medical equipment and pharmaceuticals for emergency use.
  • A powerful mapping tool for registrant evacuation and shelter planning.
  • Comprehensive up-to-date database containing shelter populations and resource needs.

Most Importantly ... Benefits to Special Needs Populations

  • Automated notifications to registrants registrars for periodic information updates.
  • Program initiated emails for alerts, warnings and special instructions.
  • Registrant transportation manifests detailing personal items necessary for evacuation.
  • There is even the ability to track seasonal residents.

Latest System Information

New Documentation Available
The SPIN Staff is in the process of deploying new documentation and help tools for SPIN Users. Check the Menu Bar for new options as they are available.
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